About Me

Hello and welcome to my site! 

I cannot really recall when my interest in boxing started, likely with my family’s K-Tel album that had the classic song “Black Superman(Muhammad Ali)” but my journey towards writing about boxing began around 2011 when I started to post on the Reddit Boxing subreddit under the name Willielee.

When members from the subreddit started the Sunday Puncher website they asked me to participate as a writer and eventually as a featured member of the Sunday Puncher podcast. Using the name Fred Garvin I became known for opinions that strayed from the standard rhetoric that people could find on any boxing resource.

What is with all the pseudonyms? Well, if you are familiar with the world of boxing then you know how overzealous some people can be and that led to strange threats being sent through private messages on Reddit and Twitter. So I never felt comfortable using my real name but you can call me Les(real name!) if you wish.

But enough about me, let us talk about you! If you are tired of always hearing about how the best days of boxing are long gone or if you are new to the sport and trying to find out how it all works, then I know you will love my content. I write with a focus on fighter’s first and promoter agendas last. And I’m always open to hearing from you, just look down below and you can message me on Twitter or Twitch. I always enjoy hearing what is on the minds of boxing fans.